Surveys and Plat Maps

Property Surveys

The list of property surveys are provided in pdf format, organized by township.  Not all surveys are available online at this time. More will be coming soon.

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Plat Maps

Historical Plat Maps are available to download in PDF file format. Click below to continue to the Plat Maps page.

Vinton County Auditor
Cindy Owings Waugh, Auditor
100 E. Main St
McArthur, OH 45651
Phone:  740-790-7007 ext. 231
Email: auditor@vintonco.com

Vinton County Engineer
Roy Depue
Phone:  740-790-7007 ext. 242

The maps and boundary data contained on this website (vintoncountyauditor.org) are maintained for Tax purposes only and represent approximate boundaries.
The property deed is the legal document which delineates and describes all property boundary lines.
All property lines should be verified on-site by a licensed surveyor to determine legitimate property line locations.
No warranty is made by Vinton County regarding the accuracy and completeness of this data.